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Meg’s Monthly Message – August 2011

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I threw a family baby shower for my brother’s wife. They’re having their first baby girl in, well, she was due last week…

Anyway, we don’t have a lot of family, so the guests totaled 8 – including me. However, in true my-family fashion, we had enough food for approximately 45 people. There were strawberry cupcakes, cream cheese appetizers, soup, homemade bread, deviled eggs, and my mom made a fruit salad.

My mom, the artist, never does anything halfway.

Yes, it is a watermelon carved into a baby carriage with, not just pineapple wheels, but pineapple-orange-lime wheels. There are sculpted apricot flowers and cherry “lace” along the edge.

And what’s a carriage without a little baby inside?


Cute enough to eat, right?

I knew I was inviting edible art when I asked my mom to help with the food. She’s the queen of food art! Even my elementary school lunches were packed with heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches (that I hid under the table in between bites because I was embarrassed…).

But I’ve grown to love my mom’s whimsical style and creative competence and I desperately wanted to make sure that the rest of the shower kept up with her masterful contributions. So I googled cool shower games and researched baby facts (did you know a baby is born with 64 more bones than adults have?).

I wanted to have a cute and crafty take-home gift for each guest so I went to the store and bought some supplies: a pink dish towel, bath sponge, and eyes.


My plan was to wrap the pink dish towel around the green bath sponge and pull out pink arms and legs to create a cute little rag doll. I was going to attach the ragdoll to a bottle of guava-smelling shower gel and voilà!

I was pretty excited about my little craft – I knew that my mom (the artist), my sister (the other artist), and all the guests (also artists) would be ooohing and ahhhhing over their cute gift, compliments of me, the best baby shower hostess in the world.

So you can imagine my surprise when my finished rag doll didn’t look like a doll at all, but rather more of a malformed frog-alien with pigtails:


I part-laughed, part-cried as I looked at my frog-alien baby. Then I most-laughed and part-cried some more. Then I mostly laughed. Then I just laughed.

And laughed. And laughed.

Sometimes I get caught up in the minute details and forget about the bigger picture. Sometimes I forget that, while some things might be interesting, other things are important.

My crafty take-home gifts maybe were interesting, but not the best in the world. And my shower games maybe were interesting, but not the best in the world. And my decorations maybe were interesting, but not the best in the world…

…but having my family come together with their masterful and not-so-masterful talents and quirks was definitely the best in the world. And that is important!

Wishing you the best in the world,


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