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Well, the pageant is over and done. It threw everyone off that it was so early in the year…even me. But it’s nice. We had the CUTEST Princess Pageant the night before the actual pageant and all the little girls (ages 4-9) got to do their 2 minute presentations and things. It made me melt.

The little girls were so dang cute. I loved reading through their applications. One application question was: What do you want to be when you grow up. One girl said: A cat.

…her second choice was a train engineer.

Another girl wants to be a fashion designer. Another one wants to be a professional dancer.

During Orientation, I met some of these little girls for the first time and at one point, I was looking at one as she was telling me some stuff and I looked at her little disabled body and I wondered how difficult school was for her and how hard it will be for her when she wants to start dating or socializing or driving. I started to cry and I had to look away.

…but she didn’t know that her life is supposed to be hard. Neither did any of the six Little Wheelzz contestants. They seemed so carefree as they zoomed around the room in their mini wheelchairs and danced with the Disney princesses who came (yes, we totally had Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Aurora there. It. Totally. Rocked.).

Go here and watch a little clip video of the Princess Pageant and see the pictures (thanks Sierra Hellstrom, my friend!)

I’ll be a better blogger now that the pageant is over. This year was particularly tough for some reason and we had so very little help. But now it’s over and was truly a success. Plus I’ve had a 2 hour nap.

Now it’s onto the next….

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