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You know how when we were in high school and college, we had funny nicknames for some teachers? I remember taking shop class from Moon (I don’t remember his real name. Not sure why this was ever a nickname…won’t dare allow my mind to venture to any obvious reasons…)

But I had another teacher we just called Frau. She was our German teacher in high school and it just made sense to us, even though it’s the equivalent of just calling someone “Mrs.”

And so when I became a seminary teacher, I was totally going for a cool nickname. I had visions of being the students favorite teacher and referring to me in cool ways like Sister Wheels, or Sister J (abbreviations are totally cool, too…).

But no. I overheard a student tell another student how, not Sister J or Sister Wheels…or even just Wheels taught seminary…but I heard him tell his friend, “You know that lady who came and spoke at Youth Conference, you know – Fishhand!? She teaches seminary here!

Well, Fishhand it is, I guess.

At least I know kids remember stuff from my talks…

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