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Bear Up Their Burdens with Ease

By May 4, 2014 5 Comments

During the last general conference, I think a lot of us were inspired by Elder Bednar’s talk on burdens and what we should do with the “load” we each carry. I didn’t necessarily get out of this talk that I needed to “lighten” my load, but rather, I got that I just needed to make sure that the things that I was carrying are the things that will give me what he calls “spiritual traction.”

I know all of us have heavy burdens to bear, but I think that maybe a lot of us, or maybe – definitely – me, try to put things into our loads that we don’t really have to or need to be carrying. As I listened to his talk I actually felt lighter as I mentally unloaded some items off my to-do list and out of my load and loaded up some items that were more my current focus.

I don’t think we ever completely unload ourselves in this life, but I know that as we load up with things we’re supposed to be focusing on we can have that spiritual traction and never get stuck in the difficulties of life. And no matter how heavy our load is, we can ask the Savior to carry it for us.

Love Elder Bednar’s message!

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  • Becky Ethington says:

    I could spend hours here! Thank you for sharing your life’s lessons and experiences. For those moments when you might wonder, let this message reassure you: the things you say, and your very life, ARE inspiring and buoying for other people. Maybe I’ll run into you some day! Not literally! 🙂 Becky

  • Jill B says:

    I like how you point out we don’t need to remove our heavy loads. We just need to make sure we have the right stuff in our loads.

  • Susan Baird says:

    Too often I find myself carrying a load that is unnecessary. When I let go of those things I discover a lighter load that allows the spiritual traction to guide me through the rough times. At that point the rough times become easier to handle and I can feel the love of my Savior. The past 3 months have been very challenging for my family. Our car broke down, I through my back out, my husband sprained his ankle, our home flooded, multiple job rejections and our son broke 2 bones in his arm and he was looking at surgery. Because of the flood we have had many workers in our home helping us get things done. We have a small home to begin with. All of a sudden we are living in a partial living room and kitchen and 1 bathroom. The rest of the house is not in use due to the flood. It has been a huge challenge. The short term answer would be to run the other way…..But, instead we have chosen to follow the Savior. We have turned our heavy load over to the Savior. The question is this: Do you believe that the Lord is helping you through it? Do you believe that he will never leave you alone? Do you believe that He loves you and will see you through it? Do you have faith that this too shall pass? We know that the Lord is helping us through it. We know that He will never leave us alone. We know that He loves us and will see us through it. We have faith that this too shall pass. I am so grateful for the things I am learning through our trials. I am so grateful that We are learning to lighten our load as we turn our heartaches over to the Savior. We are gaining spiritual traction that will guide us through these trials and future trials.

  • Thanks for the reminder of this great talk. Sometimes, I find myself dropping the load I am carrying in order to run over and carry a different load that appears more fun (funner?). What about all the people riding my original backpack that I put down? They get neglected. I need to find ways to appreciate and cherish my backpack as it appears right now, and not lament that I wish I had a different backpack, or different items in my current backpack. I’m learning that if a task isn’t directly related to a person over whom I have stewardship, then it probably shouldn’t be in my backpack, as much as I sometimes want it to be.

  • Kristin Passey says:

    Meg, you are such an inspiration. Thanks for posting these videos. I loves watching them!!

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