Snow Camp

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I drove to Heber Valley Camp this last week. It rained the entire drive to the canyon – I mean a LOT of rain, not just scattered showers. It rained like crazy almost the entire drive – with just a small respite for three minutes as I drove through Centerville where it wasn’t pouring, just raining kind of hard.

I felt bad for the campers who for sure would be a little wet and a little miserable. I kind of chuckled, though. I mean, girls camp isn’t really for outside time, though that’s a big part of it. It’s for building and strengthening testimonies and bonding with each other. I thought that maybe this group of girls was extra faithful and could handle it.

But as I got closer to the camp it sopped raining and was SNOWING. In JUNE! I laughed out loud. I felt bad for the leaders who’d probably organized an entire week of camping activities that didn’t include sledding.

As I drove up the small road that led to the camp gates, I saw car after car driving back down the mountain with several inches of snow on the hood. When I got to the camp, the leaders were all bundled up and explained we had to be in the picnic pavilion and not the amphitheater like they had plannedĀ  because of the freezing snow. And it was freezing. Even under the cover of the pavilion, the winds blew through the unprotected sides.

The girls piled in – most wrapped in thick blankets they brought for sleeping. The leaders served hot chocolate and I explained that I didn’t mind of anyone got up for some more to keep warm even if it was the middle of my talk. I prayed that I’d be able to pack what needed to be said into a short talk so that the girls wouldn’t have to sit there and freeze and try to glean some spirituality between shivers.

I talked about their theme from Jacob 2:18 – before ye seek for riches, seek ye first the kingdom of God. I talked about “treasure,” the kind more valuable than money – about treasuring up trials and also about treasuring up the times when we serve others and find out we were an answer to their prayer. I actually talked a lot about angels and how there are many surrounding us all the time and they love us but there’s things they can’t do so they find those who are listening and ask for their help. I casually mentioned the angels that surround each of us that were in the pavilion and as I did I got the impression that the angels who loved us were standing in the openings – guarding us from the winds of outside. And I noticed that even though my hands were still cold, the rest of me wasn’t. And the girls were probably a little cold, but not a lot cold. It seemed to have warmed up in the very exposed pavilion. It should have been cold and it wasn’t.

I spoke a long time, it wasn’t a short cliff-notes talk at all and none of the girls even got up for more hot chocolate. It was quite the miracle.

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