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Happy Birthday Whit!

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Sooooo lucky that I get to be married to this guy. I’ve heard country songs about how the guy loves the woman more and more each day and I’ve thought it was cute always (maybe I like cheesy country songs), but I never really understood what it meant. Til now. I don’t know how or why it works, but I love this hunky husband of mine more each day.

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We were married February 29, 2008. We’ve been married now for about 2 1/2 years (leap year, you know). He is everything I ever wanted – he gets an A for matching this very artistic future husband list I made when I was a teenager:


He IS strong. And handsome. He’s nice to animals even though he doesn’t like cats. He WHISTLES! And he’s everything on this list except one: he doesn’t wear a watch.  Good thing that wasn’t a deal-breaker. I’m actually not sure why I wanted my future husband to wear a watch. I just did I guess. I don’t even wear a watch and never have. Hmm.

But this very incomplete list doesn’t even begin to describe the great guy I married. He’s all of it (except the watch part…) and a WHOLE BUNCHA THINGS I never even knew I wanted. He’s handy. Smart. Honors his priesthood. Serves others. Good with budgeting. Patient. Temperate. Understanding. Laughs a lot. Loving. Quick worker. Kids LOVE him.

And I love him.

Let me give you some background on this guy.

He was born here in Ogden, Utah. His full name is George Whitfield Johnson. His dad wanted to call him George, but was outnumbered by the rest of the family (Whit has six older sisters, a brother, and a mom) who wanted to call him Whit.

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He is the youngest of eight kids and grew up in Kaysville, Utah.


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Little whit Johnson

His first word was ball and he played just about every sport. He was very good at everything. Even little T-Ball, he was making double plays and doing crazy things when he was just a tyke.

whit (21) whit (27)

One funny story about Whit I heard from his family was when they were all sitting around teasing him about girls. He really didn’t like girls when he was a little kid (and he made it through high school without attending a single dance!) and his sisters were asking him who he was going to marry. His answer? His dad.

whit (22)

He went to Davis High School and began his hippie.grunge stage. He juggled fire and devil sticks and did the whole hacky sack thing (it was cool back in the day, remember?). He was soooo very cool, too. His quiet personality had all the girls swooning. I even was at a sleepover with some girlfriends and we were sharing secret crushes and Lydia told me that she had a crush on Whit Johnson. I was like, “Who?” Apparently I wasn’t cool enough to know THIS stud:

whit (7)

whit (16)

whit (14)

whit (15)

He served a mission in Recife, Brazil. Recife is in the North Eastern part of the country. He loved it.

whit (69)

whit (62)

He came home and worked his way through school. He could have had it paid for, but the money was either for a wedding or for college and he chose to save it to take the girl of his dreams (me.) on a honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean. He majored in Business Administration with a Finance emphasis and earned his Masters.

whit (6)


We met in an institute class. Well, he’d tell you that we met in the WSU institute building and I got his number to invite him to a party I never invited him to. He’d look for me on campus 🙂 OR he’d tell you we met in the computer lab (which he probably followed me into…:) and he sat by me at a computer which wouldn’t turn on when I tried it so I slid over one seat before he’d come in and sat there. I told him it didn’t work but, for some magic reason it worked when he tried it. Hmm.  Anyway, but we actually “met” at an institute class in a seminary building by Davis High School. I was living in Kaysville at the time and going to the stake institute classes there. He was in the stake YSA presidency and always marked me there (well, when I was there) even though I refused to mark the roll. Good thing, too. He’s the only reason I even graduated institute and I needed to when I wanted to be a seminary teacher years later when we were married! He asked me out on a date and we started to date.

At first I thought Whit was kind of lazy. His personality was a little more laid back than I was used to. But the more I got to know him, the more I began to understand that his demeanor might be laid back, but his personality is far from it. Even my mom just the other day commented on how even when Whit is rushing to get something done, he never seems hurried. But he’s fast. It’s very hard to explain. Since we’ve been married, we’ve started several businesses, one of them being his halftime business. Yep. He just came home from work one day and said “I’ve decided to be a halftime performer.” Excellent. What can you say to that? Not much. So we moved the furniture out of the living room and he began practicing his halftime routine (it was winter so he needed to do it in the house. Of course.).



Before he was thirty, he wanted to run a marathon. I waited for him at the finish line and will never forget this moment when he crossed:


He’s ran other fun races, too, including this Santa Run they do in December:


I love being married to this guy. He plays guitar and MCs Ms. Wheelchair Utah and cuts videos and comes to speeches and builds websites and does dishes and folds laundry and refinishes floors and tiles and does plumbing stuff and car repais (but he really hates car repair stuff…) and makes animal balloons and grills a killer steak and loves me and this cute thing we made together:



And even though it might sound like a cheesy country song, I love him more each day, if it were even possible. WAIT! Maybe I could put it into a cheesy country song. Ahem…

I love ya like the mountains love a nice, good rain

I love ya like plump kid looooves a cake (in a country song, rain and cake rhyme)

I love ya like a hummingbird loves a hummin’ hum


I love ya like a Gui-tar loves a strummin’ strum!

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I love ya like a Gui-tar loves a strummin’ strum!

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    I loved learning about your husband and how you met. What a special family you are. I love reading your blog and feeling inspired. keep up the great work!

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