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Dinner With Friends

By February 2, 2015 No Comments

Whit and I had some friends over for dinner and they brought their cute 4-year-old son, Boston.

Being quite a bit older than our 15-month-old Zula, Boston, of course, doesn’t have any trouble sitting by himself in a little, big-kid chair at a mini table. Zula has sat in chairs like this before, but she’s never eaten in anything but a highchair, so we weren’t sure just how she’d do – but she was quite the little lady!

20150120_171638 - Copy

She ate right alongside her more mature friend and enjoyed her grapes, cherry tomatoes, and string cheese as daintily as any classy gal.

And while the only faux-pas was sneaking snacks off her dinner guest’s plate, I think her etiquette is quite good.

20150120_171641 - Copy

However there was a slight issue with a “third wheel” who insisted on tasting everyone’s dinner. I’m just glad he was behaved enough to sit and wait for them to take the not-so-subtle hints.

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