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You Are My Sunshine

By March 11, 2015 One Comment

You are my sunshine! My only sunshine (except Whit, of course…) You make me happy when skies are gray!

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you…

20150205_081349 - Copy

Wait a minute!

Of course I want my little sun sunspot to know how much I love her! So here are the first, not the top or any order at all, just the first 10 reasons I can think of that I love her so much:

1 – She loves grilled portobello mushrooms and eats them with two hands.

2 – She walks with her hands behind her back, almost as if she’s constantly walking with her hands on her hips…

3 – She hugs the dog whenever he looks like he needs a hug, which is about 40x more than mom or dad look like they need hugs.

20150220_163656 - Copy

4 – She sleeps straight through the night. 6:30 pm – 7:30 am. she goes down without a fuss or even a peep and often “asks” to be put in bed by tapping it when she’s tired.

5 – She lets us know when she is awake by cleansing her crib of unwanted things.

20150218_140932 - Copy

6 – She loves to feed treats to the dog, more so than even eating treats herself. Though, the dog’s treats have been tasted quite a few times…

7 – She couldn’t decorate her Valentine mailbox like all the other kids. She HAD to put the stickers on the inside. To me this is a great indication that she is more concerned with inner beauty…

20150208_190042 - Copy 20150208_185934

8 – She sits in her car seat like this…

20150208_164124 - Copy

9 – She loves balls.

20150203_095756 - Copy

10 – And she is a daddy’s girl who has my other ray of sunshine wrapped completely around her little finger.

20150207_122814 - Copy

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  • Alicia Wilson says:

    I just love reading your updates and posts! It puts a smile on my face. 🙂 I can’t say one person’s life is really easier then another, but I love how you find the good and make the most of your situation. I hope I can implement the same optimism in my life.

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