Who needs legs?

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There is a great person I’ve met since I was paralyzed. His name is Chad Hymas and all the therapists and nurses were all buzzing about him and how cool he was when I was still in the hospital rehab. He’s a  speaker and author and all-round cool person.


He broke his neck sometime before I did and he’s got a motto that touches the hearts of people of all abilities: Who needs legs when you have wings?

I think about this saying sometimes. I try to find the “wings that carry me through more challenging than normal)) times. “Wings” like my husband, my mom,, a few choice friends. I have lots of wings 🙂 I’m not sure if that’s exactly what he means when he talks about wings, but it’s what speaks to my heart.

The other day I let my dog, Amp, out into the backyard and he was barking like crazy at the door. It was pretty weird so I opened it up to see what he was barking at and I saw a HUGE dragonfly!

I barely got this picture, it was pretty chaotic with the dog, then Zula came, then Whit… but if I’d have thought about it I’d have put a dollar bill next to this amazing bug, it was as long, or even longer, than a dollar! It’s legs must have been smashed into the door when it closed the last time and they appeared to be squished down. It made me sad. It was still alive otherwise and I didn’t want it to be scared of us and the dog barking like crazy so I asked Whit to take it to the pasture where it could at least be in peace.

I was holding back the dog, so I didn’t see,, but when Whit carried it to the field, it started to flutter its wings, lifted, and took off! I was so happy!

I thought it was a pretty special moment, I mean really, how often does someone even SEE a dragonfly as big as a dollar bill, let alone a dragonfly who’d lost the use of its legs and then fluttered and flew away with its enormous wings! And what are the chances of this particular dragonfly doing all this in the backyard of someone who has also lost the use of her legs and needed a tiny reminder of the power of her wings?

I don’t believe in coincidences.

It seems this little dragonfly ight make it big in the speaking circuit of the bug world and he’ll just have to steal Chad Hymas’ message: Who needs legs when you have wings?

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