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Happy Birthday to Zu!

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I am a fan of parties. A big one. Before I was paralyzed I was a children’s parry planner – I just love them! I love all kinds of parties, but I get such a thrill out of BIRTHDAY parties! They are the best, I just like me a good celebration.

So Zula being born a week before Halloween gives me the perfect time to celebrate in such a fun way. We’re going to have her party tonight (watch facebook for pictures tomorrow!!!) and I am just so excited.

I’ve been telling Zu that her birthday is coming and her family will be here to sing Happy Birthday to Zu! Happy Birthday to Zu! she gets pretty excited, too, and has listed three main party guests she wants to invite: Papa, Mimi, and Ian (her one cousin…out of 31…). So as long as those three come she will be so happy.

My husband took some pictures of our little 2-year-old for the invite and I thought I’d share…

Birthday Pix (4) - Copy Birthday Pix (3) - Copy

Birthday Pix (2) - Copy Birthday Pix (5) - Copy

The finished product looks something like this:

Zula's 2nd birthday invite - Copy

We got a s’mores stuff and taco soup a rainbow pinata and a rainbow cake (I just thought she needed a rainbow Halloween birthday party. It can’t all be goblins and Frankenstein every year, right?).

And in addition to the eating, visiting, and costuming we will have Zula’s favorite activity – rides on the Gator in the pasture. Because we don’t just party like animals, we party like FARM animals.

Happy birthday, Zula Mae!

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