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Zula loves all things girly. and getting her nails painted TOPS the list. Another thing she loves is doing things herself. These two things don’t go together when you are 23 months old.

But, alas, I succumb. Maybe it’s my inability to say no to such a darling face. Or maybe it’s because I don’t really love clean floors as I say I do. Or maybe it’s because she can hold tighter to the nail polish and I don’t want her to know that so I just let go. In any case, I let her paint her own nails and they turned out, well, as you’d expect!


The nail polish got all over the dish towel on my lap, but it was just fine. It really wasn’t that messy and the resulting joy was well worth any anxiety over giving my toddler full access to the open nail polish!

20151007_101816 20151007_101818 20151007_101825

This, of course, may not be an isolated desire that zula has. Already, even with polish still attached to her knuckles, she wants to do more. and more. And more. All the time. during lunch even. She wants to paint her fingernail. And mine.

How does the saying go? Something about giving a man a fish and feeding him temporarily vs teaching him to fish and feeding him forever?

Well let me revise:

If you paint a toddler’s nails, she’ll be adorable for a week. If you teach a toddler she can paint her own nails, you’ll have to throw away all the polish and never ever find it again.


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