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By December 7, 2015 One Comment

I can’t lie, this mom business is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s a challenge to teach her proper behavior (no, we don’t leave the table until everyone’s done…) and it’s a challenge to do basic things she doesn’t want to do (yes, bathing IS a necessity). I was telling Whit the other day that I don’t think my skin is thick enough to be a mom. I just have such a hard time with the screaming. We have a screamer. No. More like a shrieker. I’ll often have to put her down for bed and then hide and cry.

I had been feeling like a very subpar mom. I was doing everything I thought I ought to do as far as being a mom, but it just seemed like the mother-daughter relationship was severely lacking. I tried to get closer but she always pushed me away and wanted dad. Something was wrong and I didn’t know what to do.

I have a little friend that I text each morning to remind her to read the scriptures and say her prayers and I confidently added that if she asked a question in prayer then she’d hear her answer in the scriptures. After I sent it I wondered if I really believed it. I mean, I do believe it, but what question could I ask? after a lot of thought I couldn’t think of a single question to help me through my troubles. So in prayer I just asked God what question I should ask. Just as I promised my friend it would happen, my answer came in the scriptures. I was told to ask what I should speak about that night. I had already planned my talk, their theme was “Look Up” but I asked anyway in a second prayer. Sure enough, my answer came as I read more scriptures.

I felt I was still supposed to speak about Looking Up to the Savior, but how, specifically, to do it was what my answer was. I felt we should look up during our times of immediate trouble through prayer – a quick prayer because, dangit, sometimes those 2-year-olds don’t give you time to regroup. I felt we should look up through Music – playing good, uplifting music can help lessen the stress and make the day smoother and more fun. And I felt we should look up through smiling. There’s a scripture-  2 Nephi 9:39 where it says “spiritually minded is life eternal” S.M.I.L.E. and smiling through hard times eases everyone else’s stress, thus easing our own 🙂

My talk went great, I felt edified with this new formula for less stress and more fun in my home and with my daughter. It has been a few weeks and I haveI wanted to come up with an acronym to help the audience remember to look up through pprayer, music, and smiling, but I thought theming a talk about PMS might not be the best idea…though definitely memorable.

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  • Linn says:

    I really needed this, thank you! It was an answer to one of my prayers and I’m so grateful you shared.

    And just for the record, I’m not sure any of us moms know what we are doing. 🙂 (Is that supposed to be comforting?) I said to Jacob the other day, “How in the world do I have six kids and still feel like a rookie at this thing?”

    Being a mom is the best thing in the world. And the HARDEST thing in the world. It stretches me to the very core of my being and that is exactly what I need. Dang, I was hoping for something a bit easier. 🙂

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