Happy Anniversary

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Happy anniversary to Whit and me!

We’ve been married 8 years and today we celebrate our second anniversary…true story.

Every day I am blown away by my sweet husband’s love for me and for our daughter. He is so kind and helpful. He serves me every day, even while I write this, he’s doing the dishes. He often does the dishes. I do my very best and he makes up for where I lack and does what I can’t do and what I couldn’t get to. After he comes home from working all day long he helps me make dinner (If I wasn’t able to do it with our 2-year-old running around…), and then plays with us and cleans up after she goes to bed. To say I am lucky doesn’t even begin to describe my life with my husband.

He can do everything and will do anything he needs to do. On trips, he books them, carries the bags, carries me onto the plane, carries me off the plane, rents the car, puts me and the luggage into the car, drives the car, unloads all of the bags and me, carries the bags, opens the doors, and unpacks. And he pays for it all. I am not sure how I got so lucky.

We were holding hands on the couch a few days before we were married and I wondered what kind of wife I would even be – I couldn’t even wrap my fingers around his hand. I asked him if it bothered him that I couldn’t walk. He thought for a minute and then said yes. It did bother him. But not as much as it would if he couldn’t be with me.

I must have won a bet in heaven or something to have gotten the opportunity to be married and sealed forever to him.

Here is a little picture visual of our life so far together…

taken on first date or almost first date 2

tem plle




Seattle Temple 2012 (3)

Rome shovel 2



  Date Aug 2015 - Lonestar

Tepanyaki 2013 w Petersons when we announced pregnancy


Date Aug 2015 - Lonestar


To be continued…

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