Sugar-Free Banana Ice Cream with Maple Glazed Walnuts

By March 2, 2016 One Comment

I know, right? Sounds too good to be true, right?

My dad is a diabetic and was struggling with his diet and not being able to eat the delicious things everyone else can eat so I went home and made this. It was amazingly easy and oh-so-good.

Here is the recipe:

Banana Ice Cream

4 cups cream
4 eggs
4 bananas

Blend in a blender and put in the fridge to keep cold.

Maple-glazed Walnuts

2 cups walnuts

1/3 cup real maple syrup

Cook in a pan on the stove on medium until coated and hot and nuts are cooked. The syrup will thicken around the nuts. Try not to eat half like I did. I even burned my tongue but kept eating because they are so scrumptious.

Spread out on a pan and cool completely. Break apart.

Make the ice cream in your ice cream maker and add the nuts at the very end. I actually had a little trouble because the nuts making the ice cream maker get stuck so I layered the rest of the nuts and the ice cream in the pint containers.

In one of the containers, I also layered some homemade chocolate syrup my mom made with black strap molasses. It was kind of delicious.


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  • Laura Anderson says:

    I also am a diabetic and this sounds high in calories and sugar, freeze your bananas into chips and when frozen mix with low fat milk in blender and little vanilla or maple flavoring and it will freeze a whole lot less calories than cream and use sugar free maple sryup. just a thought

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