It isn’t a sin to be tempted. It isn’t a sin to desire something that is against spiritual laws (though lusting after it is wrong and we should do what we can to focus our minds). I think we sometimes beat ourselves up because of our “natural man” tendencies. We sometimes feel like we should know better and do better and just, frankly, BE better! But we are human, there isn’t any other way to say it. We’re human and imperfect. We are commanded to be otherwise – “be ye therefore perfect” said the Savior – but the path to perfection is paved with big, bad stumbling blocks and a whole lotta repentance.

This podcast is about looking to the Savior for strength and healing after we’ve been bitten by the cares of the world. Some bites come from ourselves as we’re tired and frustrated and yell at our children. Other bites come when we’re flipping through radio stations and accidentally get bitten by bad words in a bad song. And more bites come as we’re searching for some stuff for an assignment and come across porn. We just can’t excape the bites of this world, but the poison does not have to linger and we can be healed as we look to the Savior, the Great Physician.

Heart Smiles Episode #6: The Great Physician

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