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Zula is very girly. She loves clothes, pretty dresses especially and her costume collection (which she often confuses for normal attire) is enormous. She loves painting her nails (and mine), doing her hair (and mine), and trying on her shoes (and mine).

She has reached a point where she cannot wear just one outfit for an entire day. She is constantly changing her clothes. So much so that we have to have a talk every time someone comes over. Now all I have to say to her when the doorbell rings is, “What do we do when we have friends over?” To which she happily replies, “We keep all of our clothes on.”

She never does.

But now, she is so obsessed with all kinds of glitz and glam in the fashion world, she just can’t quite get enough. She now must wear two shoes. Not two shoes, one on each foot, but two shoes, one of each so as to have the maximum amount of fashion possible at all times.

20160528_190949 - Copy

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. She absolutely would not stop wiggling and swinging her feet so she, I, and our dog could see them. I am shocked I got them both relatively on the ground.

I can see this only getting more intense and I am brushing up on as much style as humanly possible, though I can still see my future self being an utter fashion faux paus mo matter what I do…

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