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Blue Collar in Pink

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When I was a teenager, I’d sometimes make lists of the characteristics I wanted in the person I would marry. I took a picture of one once. They changed all the time, but there were some things that stayed pretty consistent.


But of all the lists I ever made, the one item that never made it to the list was “handy man.” I just never thought about having a husband who could fix stuff like ceiling fans and refrigerators. It never crossed my mind. Apparently liking to swim and wearing a watch were two much more important features.

And, who would have know (not the teenage me, that’s for sure) but my husband doesn’t wear a watch. A mild shock I slowly got used to as I learned he had more (many more) redeeming qualities. Like being a handy man. This was truly a very pleasant surprise.

If I have any teenage girl readers out there, make sure you add “handy man” to your list of husband must-haves because you for sure won’t be sorry! My husband fixes any and everything in our house from the toilet to the sink to the dishwasher to the loose tiles on the floor. He is amazing. And he doesn’t stop there, he even fixes the cars when they need some mild work.

I will surely encourage Zula to look for a handy man (and really, a younger replicate of her own dad) when she’s old enough to get married. But while she’s little, she’s learning the skills to do things herself. not too long ago, my husband was doing a lot of fixes on our new house and Zula panicked because she wasn’t allowed to use his tools. It was so bad we immediately had to buy her some tools of her own. She was much happier holding her own (fake) screwdriver. And so were we.

She now works right alongside Whit on all of his projects.


Here she is fixing the truck. She calls this car “her” truck, which is weird because “mom’s car” is the one she rides in most. Maybe that’s why she’s so interested in making sure it runs so smoothly.


img_2877-copy img_2868-copy

I will still be encouraging little Zula to add “handy man” to her list of characteristics in her future husband, but it seems like maybe she’ll be the one who’ll be fixing the cars. And dishwasher. And ceiling fans…

Maybe there will be a kid out there somewhere who’s got “handy woman” on his list.

Well, even if he doesn’t, her skills will surely be a pleasant surprise.

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