Chicken Magic

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I think if my mom were born in later years she would be a popular blogger. She has so much creativity and ambition – when she was first starting out in the work force, she developed a system where she coordinated secretary services for companies that only needed that kind of work every once in a while, or if they had an emergency. You are familiar with this kind of service, they call it a temp agency now. My mom pioneered this in her area and won a prestigious business-woman-of-the-year award for it in Texas.

So, needless to say, she’s kind of amazing.


When she and my dad were first married in the late 70s, she wrote a cookbook. She took all the pictures and created all the recipes. It’s called: Chicken Magic: Princely Poultry for Paupers. The cookbook starts out with these words:

It’s almost a magic show: stuff eight ordinary chickens into a giant pot and presto!! Twenty gourmet meals for four of your very favorite people. That’s eighty individual servings!

She encourages you to cook, cut, and freeze eight chickens to use for the recipes, making each meal a snap to prepare. And her dishes are delicious. My whole life I didn’t realize other people didn’t cook like gourmet chefs. I thought everyone ate as well as I did and I thought everyone cooked as well as my mom did. The startling reality came when I moved away to college and realized that my food wasn’t tasting quiiiite the same. Cream cheese and jam on bread wasn’t very, um, gourmet.

Even just the other day, my mom came over unexpectedly to see if she could help do anything and I showed her some pork I had thawed for who knows what. I asked her what she thought I should make with it. We were in the process of moving and I had next to no ingredients to use, but she whipped up a delicious stir fry with purple cabbage, bell peppers, and rice. Her sauce was the magic trick, using only mustard, molasses, Balsamic vinegar, and chia seeds. It was delicious. Truly, she is magic.

I thought I would share some of her magic and post a couple of her recipes from her cookbook. I thought for sure I’d share her green enchilada recipe, it’s one of my favorites and the first recipe she lists in her book. It starts on page 47, but that’s because the first 46 pages are instruction for the chickens and other stuff – this whole cookbook is for sure two year’s supply of blogs for a modern day blogger.


(yes, her enchiladas always look like this)


And here are the cold ones…


(yes, her plates always look like this and her fruit salad bowls are often cut into melons…
this is actually a pretty simple one. You should see the one she did for my baby shower).

Anyway, this is a small sampling of the food I grew up on. I hope you enjoy some, too!

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