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Happy Build-a-Bear Birthday Zula!

By October 24, 2016 No Comments

Zula is three years old today and we went to Build a Bear to celebrate! We were planning to do this for her third birthday anyway, but the timing was extra good because we may or may not have lost her very favorite toy in the entire world very recently…

I have always been interested in Build a Bear, I think the idea is great. I even looked into opening my own store a while back (but didn’t because the only option was in Sweden). Anyway, as fun as this has looked, I’ve never actually built a bear, or bunny, or frog or whatever carcass you can choose from their bins and bins of potential toys.

I warned Whit that this was going to be an expensive toy, however, I underestimated exactly how expensive it was going to be. With Whit, I usually tell him anywhere from $20-$200 more than the projected actual cost, but in this case, I told him about $15 less than what we actually spent. And that was only because Build a Bear inadvertently put their less expensive carcasses toward the end of the row. So when we told Zula she could have whichever toy she wanted we made her look at them all, every single one, and every one was her very favorite and the one she wanted, but we told her she needed to see them all and then select. Well, good fortune (and not a lot of fortune) smiled down on us because her desire to choose whichever one was in front of her worked in our favor as one of the much less expensive toys was at the end – a bunny and her new favorite toy ever!


After this they stuff the carcass, I am positive they have a better name for it but I never heard what it was, with stuffing and let Zula add a little heart she got to rub on her nose and kiss. It was awesome.

copy-of-img_3025 copy-of-img_3027 copy-of-img_3032

And then, ta-da! she has a brand new toy, her favorite one of all.


A cute little bunny she can love…and name…and play with…

…and dress.


I’m not sure if you can see the look on Whit’s face, but his eyes are shooting dollar signs. Each of these tiny toy clothes cost as much as real clothes we would buy for Zula. Whit was going crazy but kept it reigned in as he tried dress after dress after shoes after shirts on this toy bunny. I couldn’t stop laughing. The clothing was Zula’s favorite part and her new friend wanted to try everything…everything…on.

At the birth certificate part she named her bunny “Princess” and was in new toy heaven when she left the store.


Whit was in heaven when he left the store, too.

All in all, I was super happy with how happy Zula was after going to Build a Bear for our first time. Whit says it’s our last time. Maybe he’ll change his tune if another favorite toy ever gets lost again…

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