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The Best Way to Teach Kids the Important of Christmas

By November 30, 2016 No Comments

I have been struggling with the whole Santa Claus thing. I know it is fun – way fun. I haven’t had this much fun celebrating Christmas since…ever. Hyping Zula up for Santa Claus has been so exciting for her and for me, it’s even better than when I was a kid. But I DON’T want the real meaning of Christmas to be pushed away until she’s older and ready to understand better about the Savior and His miraculous birth and the reason he came.


So what I’ve been doing is being very clear that Santa Claus was a real person – St. Nick. He served people and helped them and his legacy continues today, He fills stockings and brings gifts but the greatest gift came wrapped in swaddling clothes and brought eternal life. Zula is beginning to understand about the gift Jesus Christ brings. We talk about it whenever it comes up, but especially during Sacrament. When the bread comes around I remind her how Jesus’ body was broken for us and He is the “bread of life.” When the water comes around I remind her that Jesus bled from ever pore for us and He is the Living Water. He gave His life, but even though He died, He lives right now and loves us. She is only 3 and I thought she’d be too young to understand, but she’s not. We might seem very irreverent during the Sacrament, but she’ll tell me how being resurrected means I won’t be in a wheelchair and we can walk around together.

This video is just a Christmas song put to pictures by Liz lemon Swindle, who in my opinion is the very best artist in the entire world. Her sweet depictions of the Savior are how I imagine Him, too. His face is soft and loving and kind. The video shows Him being born, them growing up and serving, loving, and fulfilling His divine mission, then dying – then Living. It ends with Him as a baby, which reminds us exactly why we celebrate this great season. Zula understands this video and I think that the combination of Santa, the man who serves and loves like the Savior and the Savior Himself is working. I think it is because this season has not only been fun, but I can feel the Spirit and I am hoping she can, too!

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