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Sneaking Breakfast

By November 7, 2016 One Comment

I heard Zula get up and race to the kitchen. The following sounds were identifiable and I knew she was getting out her coveted cereal. The special sugary-sweet kind she only eats on occasion and I don’t tell my mom I buy.

I heard bowls. Spoons. Even milk. She’s quite the kid.

I heard her giggling to herself as if she had just accomplished mission impossible: making herself breakfast before mom could tell her she couldn’t.

I was kind of right. But she also made breakfast for dad (she knows mom doesn’t eat that cereal apparently). She’d taken two giant decorative bowls still out from Halloween and filled them – to the brim – with fruit loops. She’d even poured the milk.


As you can see, Whit gets to eat the flower pot full of fruit loops this morning. It already has the milk.


I love my little ambitiously sneaky breakfast maker!

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