I started new journals for us this year and I thought I’d share the first entry of Zula’s journal. we had kind of a rough start with her, but the lesson I learned was pretty profound and is giving me hope to enter this new year optimistically.

Monday, January 2, 2017 6:33 am

A new year, a new journal! We had quite the rough start yesterday. New Year’s Eve was a blast. We did a party with a little list of stuff to do.

5 pm – make pizza

6 pm – make brownies, popcorn, and open present (was a movie, Frozen, with Elsa and Anna. You’ve never seen it and were SO EXCITED). Start watching movie.

7 pm – spicy drinks! That’s what you call soda. You love soda. In fact, there was a leftover one in the fridge I’ve been biding my time throwing away because I didn’t want you to see it. I threw it away yesterday, knowing there was room in the trash for it to hide a little. You saw it anyway and got it out and drank it! It was orange, your favorite.. Anyway, this night we had Martinellis.

8 pm – countdown (it’s midnight somewhere), noise makers, tops, and fun toys, balloon drop from ceiling (dad did it). It was a blast, you had so much fun! We did, too. I always have trouble on new years, I miss dancing, but helping you have fun made it easier.

But then you were nutty and wild. I got sick from the brownie and needed to lie down. I heard you and dad getting jammies on and then you cried. Dad said he was helping you stand up from the floor and then your wrist hurt. You couldn’t move it and cried and cried. You slept in our bed, holding your wrist. You wore no shirt because you couldn’t put one on. I was sure you’d broken it, but there was no swelling or bruising or anything. You woke up every half hour or hour in pain and cried some more. It was terrible! I felt so sad, but there was no bruising or swelling so it was confusing. In the morning we decided to take you to the doctor because it still hurt you. With your shirt only through your right arm (your left was the one hurt), and wrapped in blankets we got in the car. All of the sudden you said you were fine and your wrist felt good and nothing hurt. We had you do a lot of wrist and hand movements, which you did fine. You wouldn’t even move it before so we knew you were ok. Uncle John told us later you probably dislocated your radius and it is common for kids but he checked you out and said you looked fine. Dad and I were a mess from not sleeping but we went for a long drive to make sure you were really ok before we chose not to go to the doctor (there was a couple of times before this you said you were ok, too, so we wanted to make sure). We missed sacrament, but made it for nursery, your last day before you go into sunbeams. Dad and I went to a later sacrament and then our classes. It was a rough start and I hoped that it wasn’t a “vision” of things to come in this new year. But then I decided that if it was, if 2017 was destined to be a year of tears and no sleep and hard trials, then I was okay with our first day being a pattern of things to come because we made it to church in spite of the reasons we had to not come. And that pattern of courage and dedication is just fine with me.

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