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How to carry a glass of water from the sink to the table with no hands. Or legs.

By February 7, 2017 3 Comments

In this video, I show how I get a full glass of water from the sink to the table. It sounds easy enough, but in a wheelchair those small tasks require a little bit more thought and a different kind of skill. I don’t mean to brag but I totally did this without spilling. (this time…)

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  • Marijke says:

    Why don’t you push the glas between your legs?
    It’s much more stable that way!

    • Meg Johnson says:

      That’s a good idea and I usually do, but my pregnant belly pushes my legs apart too much so the glass isn’t held securely anymore. I’ve had to change with my body! But once this baby is born I’ll go back to doing it that way. Glad you mentioned something so people can know there are other ways 🙂

      • Marijke says:

        Yes, but please take care if there’s any hot liquid inside, it could burh your legs and you won’t notice. In that case it is safer to put a bowl with a flat bottom on you lap, and the cup or jar with hot cafe or tea inside so that you don’t spoil it on your lab en give it isolation, if you know what I mean.
        I know other wheelchair riders who have fixed a baby-bottle holder to their wheel chairs which is also very handy!

        Good luck to al of you bey from the Netherlands.

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