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In 2004, Meg Johnson, a young dancer, fell 40 feet from a cliff in St. George, Utah, when she jumped to what she thought was a boulder right in front of her. In the accident she broke both femurs and arms, as well as her collarbone and neck. Johnson was left…Read More




Confident – It’s How She Rolls
Standard Examiner 2011



Meg Johnson was tired, but determined to make cookies for a potluck event. She’d gathered most of the ingredients, but needed to add oatmeal.

“It was on the bottom shelf of one of my cupboards,” she said.

That wouldn’t normally be a problem; because she’s in a…Read More…


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 Thief steals woman’s specially modified car



Her car and her Christmas gifts now gone, Johnson said rather than get angry, “after they took it, we were both laughing really, really hard. My husband said, ‘Why didn’t they take my car?’ If I stopped laughing I was going to cry. We just had to keep laughing.”




 Grinch steals disabled woman’s car and all her handmade gifts



OGDEN — They may have had their Christmas — and their car — stolen, but Meg Johnson said she and her husband are just glad they are both safe.

The Johnsons’ car, filled with about 45 handmade gifts for neighbors and friends, was stolen Wednesday evening from…


Police find specially equipped car, but not Ogden woman’s gifts



OGDEN — It’s like a Christmas miracle. That’s how Meg Johnson describes getting her car returned to her by the Ogden Police Department late Friday night after it was…


 Grinch steals paralyzed woman’s specially modified car in Ogden



Unfortunately, Johnson isn’t able to roll as freely as she could just a few days ago, because someone stole her vehicle along with about…


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