You are inspiring on CD, and completely electrifying in person! ~Ruth S

Meg made our youth conference one to never be forgotten. I cannot count the number of people who talked about her for weeks later whether it be on Facebook, in person, or the next week at church. The spirit that she brings is phenomenal, and her attitude and smile can light up a room.  ~ Melody M.

I honestly cannot thank you enough for what you did for us on February 8 at our Ogden Institute Devotional! The combination of your message, humor, personality, sparkle, and the spirit of our Heavenly Father will long remain in my memory, and in my heart. You should also know that many other students and faculty members alike have commented to me how much they enjoyed your devotional. I found myself feeling envious of your students at Fremont Seminary! It was also a pleasure to meet Whit. You two seem to be such a wonderful, exemplary couple, and so please thank him for his attendance as well. With warmest regards and a grateful heart, I thank you again Meg! ~Ron Buhrley, Ogden LDS Institute

You are such an amazing woman…!  I first heard a little bit of your tape playing in Seagull Book, and purchased it… I have never listened to a tape where I have laughed so hard, cried so hard, and said “Wow” so many times with a million chills running through my body & been so completely consumed by the Spirit while listening…  For myself… THANK YOU a million times!!!!  ~Ruth S.

Meg, I cannot express how much our Fireside here in St George last night was a dream come true for me. Thank you for your willingness to travel such a great distance to enrich our lives and touch our hearts. Thank you for sharing your deep faith, your stories, your understanding of the gospel, and all with your incredible sense of humor. I don’t think I will ever smile at a stranger again without thinking of you. 🙂 I knew we were in the presence of an Angel last night, one of Heavenly Father’s truly chosen and righteous daughters! What an opportunity that was. Oh how I will rejoice one day watching you Latin Dance through the eternities! ~ Barb T.

I have heard you talk twice now! I am almost fifteen and you make me want to succeed in my life. You make me want to follow the gospel so I can end up as happy and as inspiring as you are. You are a beam of light and I am filled with the spirit of god when I see you! You have inspired me more than any other person I have met in my whole entire life!! You are incredible! I now have no doubt about who my true hero is! You:) ~McKenna B.

I just got back from our stake Standards night, and I was almost in tears I was so touched by you. You inspire me so much and everything that came out of your lips I could just totally relate to so I have to thank you for that. ~ Mollie P.
Its great to hear you speak. You recharge the human heart to believe in hanging on for one more day. Meg you are an amazing light of hope and faith. So many people are blessed because of your stories of hope and courage. Thank you for blessing my life. ~Julie M

I had the opportunity of listening to your “When Life Gets Hard” CD while on our way to St. George for a “girls” family trip! WOW! What an AMAZING message! I laughed, I cried, I felt the spirit and I was inspired. Thank you for sharing your sweet message. I have now listened to that CD 3 times in last 4 days… I LOVE it! ~ Hillary W.

Thank You SO Much for coming to speak to us!!!  I know that sounds redundant, but I truly mean it with every fiber of my being and my heart…  Just thinking of you, and the way you connected with everyone there, still consumes me and makes me cry…  So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…  You are inspiring on CD, and completely electrifying in person!  You completely radiated… filling the room with your Spirit, warmth and personality, and filling and touching everyone with our Savior’s Love! I appreciate SO much more than I can express, you coming 2 hours…to share yourself and your message with us.  I will be Forever Grateful!!!  So, for lack of a better word, because I don’t have one, know that my spirit, my soul, and my heart is bursting with …THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU again!!! ~Ruth S.

I love you’re great stories and you’re beautiful smile! It makes me want to smile also! ~ Janae Y.

Just this week we met with the stake president of the (YSA summer conference) hosting stake for a debrief meeting. He was so impressed with the entire conference, but wanted us to know that as he visits the various wards he receives many comments regarding the positive impact your presentation continues to make. Some have shared that it was spiritually, life-changing. ~Amelia S.

Thanks again for coming to speak to my student officers. You were fabulous and they are still talking about how much they enjoyed listening to you. ~Tammie Hansen, Weber County School District

You probably hear this all of the time, but we have had many, many young women comment on how much they loved and appreciated your words and the spirit you brought that night.  You truly have a talent and ability to speak and touch lives! ~Kim C.

Meg, we have heard such great feedback from the Youth Conference that you spoke at for us. YOU were everyone’s favorite speaker! Not a big surprise to any of us. You were wonderful! ~Princess F,

Wow. What a wonderful event. My phone is ringing off the hook with people who want to extend their thanks to…our speaker Meg Johnson. ~RC Callahan,  Weber State University

You are truly my role model. You really inspired me and made me realize things I never noticed about myself. ~Rylee M.

…you are so funny. you are my new role model i have the cutest picture of you smiling you remind of a big little kid. you are so upbeat and happy your story touched me deeply… ~ Ashlinn N.

THANK YOU so much for coming and sharing your experiences with us.  Every person there felt like the message was just for them.  You brought such a great spirit to our camp and your enthusiasm was contagious!  The girls are still talking about how much they love you. You truly are an amazing person and have inspired each of us to try to be more like the Savior, follow the spirit, and to keep on rolling!!! ~ Julie J.

Just another thank you from the Willow Canyon 5th Ward girls.  They haven’t stopped talking about you yet!  In fact, you made the Top Three Favorite Camp Activity List — Meg Johnson, Boating, and Scripture Value Walk.  Thank you for responding to the “pushing” to come speak to our ward.  There was a definite attitude shift among the girls after you left.  Your words made a lasting impression upon them.  Two of the girls spoke in Sacrament Meeting today about how camp strengthened their testimony.  Among other things, both of them referenced you, your message, and the impact you had.  I am grateful for your strength, determination and powerful testimony.  I, like the girls, have had my life change because of you.  Thank you for your selfless service and willingness to share your story.  My life has been blessed because of you! Your #1 Groupie 🙂 ~ Leann H.

Thank you again for the beautiful job you did speaking at our luncheon. The ladies will never forget that meeting.  They are still talking about it!  Sharon Goodrich, our hospital liason, said that she went home and tried to tell some of the stories to her husband but it wasn’t the same.  She said that it’s not only what you said and how you said it, but the way you made us feel that made the difference.  You have such a gift of reaching into people’s hearts and helping them to feel your message.  And your messages are incredible and life-changing.  You have so much insight and such a beautiful spirit and I love listening to you speak.  I hope you have fun speaking at Girl’s Camp with Leann next week! P.S. Thank you for the wonderful Monthly Messages, love em! ~Karen R

Meg, the talk you gave at my girls camp was amazing!! it strengthened my testimony so much!! i am so grateful that you got to come speak, it was the BEST devotional i have ever been to!!! thank you so much!!! you inspire me, and you make me want to be a better person! ever since that night i have been trying to see the best in everyone!! thank you so much! ~ Jenny P.

I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved your talk at the Priests and Laurels camp just this last couple of days in Wellsville. I was really tired and when you started talking I was wide awake. I just wanted to thank you! I wish you the best!! ~ Amanda G.

Thank you so much for speaking at our youth conference in Bear Lake on Friday, June 10th.  There was a feeling of peace throughout your talk that testified of the things you were saying and branded our hearts with your love.  We could have listened to your stories and message all night.  We had wonderful feedback from the youth today at church, both from the youth and from many of their parents.  Many of us were particularly touched by your strength and the increased capacity to love since your accident.  You have touched so many lives through your message.  It was truly an honor to have you with us for those moments that night. ~ Greg F.

I am so slow at telling you what a great job you did at Women’s Conference.  Two of my daughters were there but we were in the overflow (Yes, you were popular) so I didn’t get a chance to talk to you. You brought a very special spirit into the room…and you weren’t even in the room.  YOU ARE GOOD!  I loved that you expressed your thoughts and shared your experiences in a way that totally acknowledged that everyone has challenges… just different and unique challenges.  You were very sensitive to others and the struggles they are experiencing.  It is a gift to be able to lift others up and help them to understand the dependency we all have on Christ and His atoning sacrifice.  I love knowing you and sharing in a small way your enthusiasm for life and what it offers.  Thank you,   Hope to see you soon.  Phyllis W. 

WOW.  Thank you so much for coming tonight.  I feel the Spirit so strongly still.
I just love you and think you are so amazing.You are such a special messenger. Thank you for choosing to share and being willing to come to small little towns like ours.  The impact you had on my family alone is incredible. Missionary work being fulfilled right before my eyes. Thank you!! Your words and stories touched my heart and so many others tonight. Thank you for being so open in sharing your experiences. I will always remember this night and how special it was and the Spirit that was felt by so many. ~Tauni W.

Thanks again for coming and sharing your testimony with us.  You made us laugh and cry and filled us with a desire to do better, to be more, to love more, and to understand more.  You are such a special daughter of God and we love and appreciate you so much! ~Peggy H.

Meg, Thank you so much for speaking in our ward last night. The spirit was there and witnessed so many important truths last night…I am thankful that Heavenly Father allowed us to meet and to have you share your experiences with us. I am sorry for your challenges…Thank you again. I loved your remarks. You are a special daughter of Heavenly Father blessed with this challenge so we would listen and see that you are right; there are worse things than being paralyzed. Thanks, Bishop Lance T

I just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know how much I truly appreciate you coming to talk to our youth and us leaders.  You have the most amazing spirit and personality and we were so blessed to have been able to be in your presence for that hour.  Many of the youth and leaders talked afterwards about how AMAZING you truly are!! You truly inspired us all and I cannot thank you enough for blessing us with your spirit and testimony.  I know you strengthened not only me, but many of us with your words. You’ve made me want to be a better person!! I cannot thank the Lord enough for such a wonderful Daughter of His, whom has touched so many lives!!! You are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you again!!! ~ Heidi B.

Thank you sooooooooo much for attending our Youth Conference and bringing your amazing spirit!  The youth of our Stake were very touched, and truly inspired by all you shared! What an extraordinary gift you have touched each one of us with!  Your inspiration is contagious, and you make all you touch strive to be better people–especially me! ~ Jennifer R.

I am still hearing from people who said it was the best Standards night they have ever been to.  Thanks again for being willing to share your testimony with us.  You are such a special person. ~Shauna M.

…you have insights, inspiration, and wisdom way beyond your years. Using those gifts to help others make you a gift to all you encounter.” ~ Kathy Loveless, MS, CSP

“…an example of a never-slow-down approach to life…” ~Stephen Speckman, Deseret Morning News

I have heard hundreds of motivational speakers during my lifetime, and without a doubt you are one of the best.  I could sense and see how in tune you were with our Crossroads people.  You “heard” in your spirit what we needed to hear from you and see in you.  There was NOTHING “canned” in anything you said, no matter how many times you’ve given your GAPS message.  You let yourself be open and vulnerable to us with sincere love.  There will be no end to the impact you had and have on us. ~Marnie B.

I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous job I thought you did when you spoke to us. You have such a great personality and are such a happy and motivational person. Thank you for being who you are and having that spirit that you have!
DeAnna Haskett, Les Olson Company, 2008 

 “In the same breath that she shares her challenges, she counts her blessings…” ~Allison Hansen, Wasatch Woman Magazine, January 2008

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for coming to South Jordan Middle School and telling your story. You did a wonderful job. I have heard numerous compliments from teachers and other students on how they loved your presentation! Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule and driving all the way to South Jordan. You touched many students, teachers, and parents yesterday! Thank you again for your personality and your spirit you brought in opening our Diversity Week with a kick! I would love to keep in contact with you and have you do more assemblies in the future! Thank you again for your time and effort into putting on a great assembly! ~ Ashley M. Higgs, South Jordan Middle School

“Meg has made one of the most remarkable recoveries of any patient we have had the opportunity to serve. She has really risen above her circumstances through hard work and a positive attitude.” ~Brad Zollinger, Rehabilitation Director Intermountain Medical Center, as quoted in Wasatch Woman Magazine January 2008

Today (December 5th 2009) you came to my ward and spoke to our youth. Holy cow! You are the best inspiration on me! I hope to one day be like you! All of your stories surely proved to me that you are a strong beautiful women and can do anything! I feel so blessed to have you come to our ward. When it was time to leave, my dad and I came and said thanks to you. I want you to know I truly meant it. I didn’t say much because I was crying so I want you to know, you’re such and inspiration! I heard you have written some books. I am going to buy some and read them to hear more heart warming stories. My mom was in Relief Society so she didn’t get to hear you speak. When we got home, my dad and I sat down with her and told her all of your stories. I cried extremly hard. I know I have a testamony and am so glad I get to share it with you! I will never forget you or the day you came and talked to us! You’re my hero! Thank you again,

Wow, You were awesome!!!! The adults are still thanking me for having you come…and the kids, well I just wish you could have been at our testimony meeting the next morning, so many of the youth who bore their testimony said how much they loved listening to you and that you made them think about a lot of things and they just LOVED YOU! You know it’s interesting how the Lord works. We were talking about how it seemed crazy that you were from Ogden and so were we and that we had to have you drive all the way down to Ephraim just so they could hear your message but then we realized that is what the Lord wanted to happen because a large majority of those youth would not have come to a fireside at the stake center, they just don’t, there are too many distractions when they are home and too many things to keep them away from a fireside. We also realize that there is just a special feeling at youth conference. They are away from most of the peer pressure, a lot of worldly distractions, and just everyday life at home so they were really able to focus on your message and really feel your spirit and your testimony. I really can’t say thanks enough. We were all inspired and me personally…well, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to prayerfully consider our youth and the message they needed to hear, that we all needed to hear. I too was strengthened and touched by your testimony.
Keep in touch…love Debbie N.

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your thoughts and testimony tonight. What a beautiful reward to see the entranced looks on the girls faces as they approached you. They were so eager to just have a chance to speak with you and feel of your love. You truly live your words and are a great source of strength to women. I loved your ability to relate to the girls. Although they do not share your exact challenges, the mere title of “woman” brings with it a lifetime of emotional, physical and spiritual struggles and blessings. I have always had an intense passion to facilitate the healthy balance of all three areas in a woman’s life, especially our young women. All too often we do not, nor can we truly see our divine nature as a Daughter of God until these struggles gently…and often times, not so gently, guide us to seeking the Lord in our lives. Thank you for the encouragement to ask for that guidance. I could not contain my enthusiasm as I relayed your stories to my daughter. We look forward to your contribution to our girls camp in August.
Happy Day, Gayle C. 

I just wanted to Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and speak to our Young Women! I know you touched many people that night and we all enjoyed listening to you! Thanks so much! ~ Lindsay T.

The words my daughters and sons are using to describe you and their experience with you are Phenomenal awesome. You were truly THE highlight of our afternoon. And I soaked up what you had to share in a couple of ways. One way was as another human being wanting to live my life with joy and real meaning. And the other was as a speaker myself. I was totally observing/experiencing the way you connected with the youth and how you shared your message. It was memorable and I loved how you tied it all together with the Boulder and GAPS. THANK YOU! ~ Angie 

Hi Meg! I need to tell you I have heard so many positive things about your comments on Saturday. You did an amazing job. I am telling everyone I know that if they need a speaker that they should contact you. ~ Becky D.

I listened to both CD’s while I was driving yesterday and today….you are truly amazing. I think my eyes were wet most of the time…and it wasn’t because I was feeling sorry for you, it was because you are so strong and it made me feel good to know you. I am quite sure I couldn’t do it. We all have rainy days and usually I am a bit negative. You are an inspiration to me and hopefully when things are rainy I can think about you and how strong you are and it will give me strength. So thank you for being you and allowing me to get to know you.  ~ Chris S., CSI, CDT

“You have so much spirit, and are so passionate about your cause. You are truly a talented speaker and a role model for women of all abilities.” ~Laurel Allen, Miss Weber County, 2006

It was an honor to meet you tonight. You are an extraordinary person. I wish many of the patients I have met could hear you! You have a way about you that lifts up the hearts of those who may have, as you so accurately put it, “fallen.” Your presence fills the room with light (just like your winning smile!) and your enthusiasm for life is infectious. You have clearly decided to take the talents Heavenly Father has given you and magnify them by sharing them with others. I looked at your accomplishments as noted on your webpage and you are to be commended for your selfless service on behalf of others. I acknowledge you for your commitment to help others, to look beyond yourself and truly share your gift of inspiration. Meg, keep doing what you do! You are truly outstanding! Never give up! ~ Dal R.  February 2009 

I can’t thank you enough for coming and speaking at our ward last night! You are incredible! I was on such a spiritual high, that I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept thinking over and over in my mind the things you shared with us. Everyone that I have talked to said that they loved the evening. (They didn’t want the evening to end. They wanted you to keep talking and sharing more experiences.) I also was so impressed how quiet the YW were – which is very unusual for our YW 🙂 Thank you for being so close to the Spirit to be able to know what our sisters needed to hear. Everything you said was just perfect! We would love to have you come back another time to talk again! Love, Julie S.

Thanks again for speaking to us! You were AMAZING! All the girl’s loved hearing your message. As a leader I was especially touched by your positive outlook and can do attitude! I hope you have the opportunity to share your message with everyone you can, because you truly touch lives for good. ~ Jill W.

“Determined to make the best of life…” ~ Shelley Osterloh, KSL Reporter, May 2006

“I’ve never seen anyone stand taller than Meg, who can’t walk.” ~ Rachael Cole, Miss Davis County, 2006