When life gets too hard to stand, just keep on rollin'


Meg Johnson’s captivating message is the perfect inspirational keynote for your company. Times are hard for everyone right now. People are stressed with the unknown and employees feel stagnant, waiting for the crisis to be over before returning to full happiness and productivity – but we can’t wait! The world won’t pause and neither can we. We have to keep going, but how? Meg Johnson has the answers for you and for every person who is holding their breathe, waiting for the end of the trial. From her wheelchair, Meg teaches audiences how to be – and stay – happy, no matter what trial isn’t over. She shares how working and serving wherever you are will be exactly the lift your own self needs. She’s clever. She’s charming. She’s laugh-out-loud funny. And, most of all, she’s right – the message she leaves with your employees will change their lives forever. They will feel happier in their heart, in their life, and in their position with your company.

Meg’s personal life example, combined with her corporate world experience, make her the perfect choice for an inspiring motivational speaker. Her obvious imperfections and raw delivery make her relatable to people of all abilities, and her inspiring insights make her unforgettable. She has audiences across the globe laughing it up, loving their life, and knowing that they, too, can keep on rollin.’

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More than ever before, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to connect with their employees through online experiences. Meg Johnson offers virtual keynote presentations using her in-home studio which includes the highest quality lighting and multiple camera angles, showcasing the unforgettable message that your employees will feel was delivered directly to them.



Meg Johnson was paralyzed in a hiking accident in Southern Utah when she was 22.She fell 45 feet and is now a quadriplegic, paralyzed from her chest down without the use of her hands. Wheelchair bound, but determined, Meg refuses to sit still. Since she was paralyzed, Meg has played Murderball with the Utah Scorpions, competed at Ms. Wheelchair America, and become a mom. Her fight to be happy has led her to write several books and to develop Happiness 101, an online course that has helped thousands. Her story is repeatedly covered by local, national, and international media and she continues to inspire the world as an online influencer and corporate motivational speaker.