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Enduring It Well

In every trial that we experience, God asks that we endure—not just to the end but with patience and faith in the meantime. No challenge is so great that we cannot overcome it with God’s help, but we must first learn to accept His timing. His greatest desire is to make us better.

Endure It Well features real people who have triumphed over real struggles—trials that nobody deserves or asks for, including divorce, drugs, suicide, post-traumatic stress, crippling injury, and accidental death. Their hope and strength may inspire you to bear the burdens you experience. But even more impressive than their victories are the virtues they have developed along the journey. As you meet these ordinary individuals, you will see uncommon resilience and reliance on the Lord to carry them through even life’s lowest moments, for with God, all things are possible.

Cast: Meg Johnson, David Peterson, Cindy Cloninger, Parker Jacobs, Jeff Olsen

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