Meg is on a mission to uplift, inspire, and educate students about the power of differences and the positive impact they can have in the lives of their peers.

Assembly for Schools


Today, more than ever, the lives of your students are filled with personal trials, struggles and serious challenges. They need to know they really CAN do it – whatever “it” is!

Meg won’t just tell the students what to do when life gets hard, she’ll show them in a way that they’ll leave knowing that when their life gets too hard to stand, they, too, can keep on rollin’!

Assembly for Schools


We all like the norm. Slight variations from that safe place are mostly acceptable, but anything too far from the norm is, well, not normal. And if we can hide those – awesome. But what if we can’t?

Meg will help your students truly understand bullying – what it is and what to do about it. Along the way your students will learn the importance of differences, the impact of acceptance, and the power of celebrating individuality!


Experience the power of Meg Johnson at your next Assembly or School Presentation!

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